Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Overclocking the Hack

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Overclocking the Hack

By now I am building Hackintosh setups for years. In the past, I was sticking to what the average user would be doing, happy to see my hackintosh doing what I want it to do.

With my present "production" hackintosh, yes, I do own the licenses, i.e. bought the DVD, thing are different. This particular build (i5-3570k) opens the possibility to overclock... and this is exactly what I am describing in this post.

The Hackintosh I am using is built in a BitFenix prodigy (white), I is equipped with an Antec Kühler 620 closed water cooling system and 1.6GHz DDR3 RAM. Speaking of the cooling system, the fan provided by Antec was too noisy for my taste, hence, I used the back fan provided by BitFenix for the radiator.

This blog is about overclocking... now that you know the baseline, let's talk about overclocking!

After some experimentation, I came up with the following parameters:

Base clock frequency: 109MHz
CPU clock ratio: 46 - resulting in a CPU clock of 5.01GHz
RAM clock at 1.744GHz (the RAM I am using being rated at 1.6GHZ)
Cinebench (on OS-X) reports a CPU score of 5.84 pts

CPU temperatures, running SETI@home at full cpu power, stayed below 50C.

Mind you, I am running a water cooled system! Overclocking from 3.80GHz to 5GHz is not nothing...


  1. Was searching around Google for different base clock settings when overclocking the 3570K. Even on TonyMacx86 it seems like folks tend to stay away from making ANY adjustment to the base clock speed, but it's there, so Google'ing away I went, and say your post. 5.1GHz??!! Wether it's an open-type system, closed-loop solution, or a balls to the wall pump/radiatior-push-pull in/out, out/in, hitting 5.1GHz with ANY Ivy bridge CPU without burning a hole through the MoBo, case, and whatever the machine is standing on lol.

    That speed + those temperatures = GOLDEN CPU DIE/GOLDEN CHIP!!

    I'm running the exact same processor, an i5-3570K, and I use turbo overclocking method so the system can drop down to 1.6GHz when she doesn't need the speed. Anyway, I'm at 4.3GHz with a VCore or 1.230 and with Prime95 running a stable 8 hours, but temps are in the low 70°'s.

    What's your VCore set at? Do you have an offset? Can we see a pic of your water cooling setup?

    I know this post of yours is old, and you may not even see this, but in case you do, thanks much for having the testicular fortitude to raise the base clock, even just ever so slightly. Most people won't utilize that resource, which makes nonsense to me, it's a speed boosted. SO LET'S BOOST THE FUCKER!!

    1. Hi Jackson,
      the water cooling is a closed loop from Antek (Kühler 620) => nothing special. ( ... actually, there is a typo in my post... sorry!
      This OC was more of a test how high I could get running very un-healthy parameters (base clock 9% above).
      My mobo is a GA Z77N-WiFi, on which I could temper only with a few parameters. I am sure that I did not touch Vcore, however, I am not sure if the Z77N-WiFi would allow for this...
      The test showed that booting the system from a cooled down state resulted in a not so stable situation. For this reason, I brought the all over clock back to 4.5GHz with 100MHz base clock.
      So, one can say that I am now falling under mainstream again ;-)