Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NAS4Free Observation

Presently I am duplicating the data residing on my NAS4Free server (Acer EasyStore H340) to my somewhat more potent AMD FX6100 based FreeNAS server.

Copying data by means of NFS is not that exciting...
However, what can be observed is.
My NAS4Free is usually set to the "Powermode" "adaptive" (low power consumption). For events like copying TBs of data, I might set it to "highadaptive" (high performance - using more power).
Since my Intel ATOM 230 seems to be the bottleneck, I opened the gates and set it to "maximum" (highest performance).

Watching the sever performance, the following was observed:
  • adaptive produced a solid outbound data stream of about 30Mbps with a CPU load of about 10%
  • lowadaptive produce the same outbound data stream of about 30Mbps with slightlt higher CPU load of 12%
  • maximum actually resulted in a lower outbound data stream of about 25Mbps ....
Not sure why that is. However, my conclusion is to always run this particular server at "lowadaptive".