Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Chromebook rocks

The Chromebook, a controversy since its creation. Eventually, some months ago, I decided to buy 2 of 'em, the Samsung Series 3 and the Acer C7.
Both are really cool devices. However, I like the Samsung better, for its longer battery life, the better keyboard, the punchy sound and the low weight. On the dark side, the Samsung PSU-brick sucks, yes, it really does. It is a big bulky thing, which you do not want to carry about on journeys.
Here, the Acer scores. It comes with a much smaller light weight PSU.
I figure, this is what will happen, I will use the Samsung for daily business, whilst the Acer will be used on the road. Why not, with having all the data in the cloud.

Data in the cloud, well, not entirely, honestly said. Both Chromebooks are "hacked" (Crouton/Chrubuntu) for running regular linux (I know, the scary screen is really annoying). For playing my music, I need mixxx running on linux, enabling DJing with a MIDI controller.

A lucky coincidence happened in that the one with the better keyboard (Samsung) is provided with an 8GB SSD only, whilst the Chromebook with the better PSU is supplied with a 320GB HDD. Hence, the Samsung will be my daily doing things thing, while the Acer will join me on trips enabling me to DJ with mixxx and a large media storage.

Here you have it again, in IT, you have to define your problem first before buying hardware. Alternatively, you could adopt your application to the hardware you own, which is a little bit reverse engineered in my mind.

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