Friday, August 7, 2015

Surprised by Win10

Yep, this is about Windows!

In my living room, hooked up to my TV, I am running a EeeBox-PC, one that came with Windows7 and 2GB of RAM. The thing was not ideal, but it was ok, running Win7, for displaying Youtube at 360p. And this is what that particular unit was used for.

Some month ago, I got this little tray icon, indicating that I would get Win10. "Why not?" crossed my mind.

Tonight, I finally got Win10 installed on the box, early, I figure. The upgrade was pretty smooth, nothing to report.

The Win10 OS seems to handle OK. Sure, I still got to figure out this and that... However, now, under Win10, the small Atom-based PC shows Youtube at 720p w/o any problems. That alone was worth the (free) upgrade to me.

Just a first time experience. Could be that some updates will spoil the fun... that is was I experienced before with Microsoft products. Fingers crossed that Win10 wont be overloaded in time, ending up as a sluggish OS once again.