Monday, December 19, 2016

ACER Chromebook mounts SMB shares

A few years ago, you might actually find it on this blog, I bought an ACER Chromebook. At the time, the hope was to hack it, get some 3rd party BIOS on it, or temper with it in weird ways. Nothing of that happened actually.

Chrome-OS serves the purpose in most cases. The interesting bit about the ACER was that it is provided with decent mass storage. Getting data on said thing mass storage is a totally different beast.
Lately, I found a little piece of software that allows to mount samba-shares:
In the Chrome Web Store, look for: File System for Windows.

There seem to be other solutions too, the above mentioned works for me, since my file server offers smb service.

The plan is to fill the HDD with media and have a cheap walk about chromebook for media reproduction.

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