Saturday, June 20, 2015

Phase 1 (nearly) completed

Previously, I mentioned the criteria of registering an RV in the Netherlands. Said process will reduce the taxes to be payed for the vehicle. However, the requirements of said conversion do not actually fit my needs, in particular the thing about the extended hight. Also, presently, I am traveling alone, so what the point of adding another seat in the living space, not even mentioning beds for at least 2 persons. At the end, it all did not make any sense to me, so, I decided to not got for the RV certification.

So, what did I go for? At first, I want to show the the actual vehicle, sitting on my front yard.

MB Vito - short version

In its original condition... internally:

the living area
some of the anchor points to use for tying down furniture (see below)

from the cab

through the back doors

Going on a trip requires some basic storage, independently of if one sleeps inside the vehicle or in a tent outside. Of course, you wish to keep your stuff in one place, in particular when hitting a curve ;-) My choice was to go for a side table having storage. In IKEA terms, that is a "Hol".
And here it is installed in the van:

the Hol, a side table with storage

strapped down, the case itself, the lid too independently

With this particular piece of furniture, I thought it was easiest to just tie it down, of course with IKEA gear Frakta.

The in-van bed, the next important thing to have. This way, I will be able to sleep where ever I park my van. When traveling on highways, those truck-stops are a pretty good choice. Of course you would not set a tent up there...
So, here is my solution: the IKEA "Fliken" futon (out of production).
Strapped down in my van:
Fliken, the "bed" position

Fliken, the "bed" position

Fliken, the "sit-up" position

Fliken, the "sit-up" position

Fliken, the "lounge chair" position, strapped down for traveling

Fliken, the "lounge chair" position, strapped down

with the futon (sun bleached cover)

with futon

Fliken is discontinued, hence, I figure that Lycksele could be a replacement for a one person sleaper.

Concerning mounting, again, the means of my choice comes from IKEA: ratchet Frakta. I figure those could be used on Lycksele equally.

Phase 1 of the camper conversions concludes with the installation of a black-out curtain between the cab and the living area. My choice of IKEA product is Werna.
I am not sure about the way of mounting the curtain(s) yet.
Here is a first test:

experimental fix

cab side view

With the black-out curtain issue solved, I consider phase 1 of the conversion completed.

For additional comfort, in particular when being on the road, phase 2 will be concerned with sound proofing of the vehicle.

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