Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yosemite or not?

Having had my share of failures in my experiments, I would like to add another one: OS-X Yosemite!

I tested the new OS-X on 2 of my Hackintoshs:
  1. a Z77 i3 - which installed fine 
  2. a Z87 xeon - the install failed
Let's start with the 2nd ... my Z87 Xeon E3 runs Mavericks perfectly!
When trying to install Yosemite, the entire thing fails. Yosemite was written half way, so I had to recover Mavericks from backups. No problem here...

The Z77 i3 did not object to the installation of OS-X Yosemite. However... The BIG deal about OS-X-10.10 was that any modern IOS device can connect to the OS-X computer.
Well, my iPad-mini could actually _not_ connect to the i3 running Yosemite. Neither through WiFi, not through Bluetooth.

So... what's the point?!

Yosemite does not install properly on hardware running Mavericks.
Even if Yosemite is installed, the functionality does not match the promises...

What's the point?!

I'll be running Mavericks for the time being.

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