Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tablet on a Hackintosh

The good old times, where it was clear what was a tablet, when speaking about computers. Today, there is a good confusion of what a tablet is. Well, this post is not about iOS or Android devices, this is about the input device called a tablet, or graphics tablet to be precise.

There was a certain hype, well before touch-screens, to use tablets in particular in drawing applications and CAD. There was a time, when those things were really cheap. On a windows PC, or Linux respectively, the cheap tablets work just fine OOB, w/o any additional worries.

However, the world is different on a Mac. Those things are not just working on a Mac at all. Still, there is hope!
Have a look at hyperpen-for-apple. This solved it all for me.

There are some issues however...
- First of all, the zip-file would not be unzipped by the Archive-tool. "unzip" (in a terminal window) works fine, however it spills the content in the directory you are calling unzip from.
- Secondly, whenever you want to use you tablet, you have to call the "hyperpenDaemon" manually; remember to execute this program indicating your very own screen resolution. I wrote a tiny shell script, so that I do not have to remember the parameters.

Up to now, I have not yet started using my tablet. The idea was to use it with the GIMP, post-processing my photos (cf. my photo-blog).

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